“I first heard about Alternative Physio from friends who are patients. I made the call and immediately knew that Alternative Physio was my next step in my never ending quest for reduced pain and a better life. I am feeling relief that I did not think possible. I thank God daily for Anita who continually goes beyond by doing what is needed therapeutically and providing information to doctors and insurance companies in order to make life livable for her patients.”

“I entered Alternative Physio’s door barely walking, asleep on my feet, in excruciating pain, and unable to cope. Anita has brought about healing and my ability to deal with the day-to-day demands.”

“Prior to Anita I had no life, there was inconceivable pain and an almost comatose state”

“Anita has quickly become a key component in my health management and quality of life.”

“Anita heals on so many levels. A true life saver, because poor quality of life is no life.”

“I call her an angel and a hero and she is much more.”

“The addition of Danny to the office was inspired. Danny moved right in, and on top of her other duties she inspires the soul. Danny is truly alternative.”

“Thank to Anita, Danny, and Tamara, the latest addition.”