Summer Hours 2017

I can’t believe the school year is nearly over. Where did time go? I’m so excited to be starting summer holidays with my family! If you need services, don’t worry! I’ll still be available on


These new hours will take effect July 3 until September 4.

As a one woman show I can’t always answer the phone when it rings so please leave me a message so I can get back to you. I really love to hear form you!

Just a heads up that I’ll be away July 17-21 and August 14-25 so there will not be any appointments available those weeks. This will be posted on the Alternative Physio Facebook Group @Alternativephysio for reference. You might also want to check out my Facebook page for links to interesting articles and occasional updates.

This seems like a good time to thank you all for trusting me to support your health and well being and for all your referrals – I’m truly grateful!

Wishing you a wonderful summer,

NEW! Alphabet Soup Writers Group

Are you interested in creative writing? Do you have a project that you have been working on?

For the past 6 years I have been part of an inspiring writing group in Toronto. This summer I thought I’d take what I learned from my mentor and bring it to York Region.

This is a program that works for beginners and seasoned writers because it is focused on the writing process rather than a final product. We use a variety of prompts to get our pens moving for several short writes and a slightly longer write. There is no critiquing of work involved. We are focused on having fun and building creative muscles.

I’m starting with 2 dates for this summer trial period. Each session will be unique so feel free to register for one or both.

Monday July 10 from 10-12:30 – Registration deadline July 7
Monday July 31 from 10-12:30 – Registration deadline July 28

The introductory fee is $25 per session.

If things go well, there will be some evening options as well.

Want to register or to get more information? Are you interested but not available at these times? Send me a note at

We’ve Moved!

Alternative Physio is now located at 59 Kane Crescent in Aurora. Our usual hours of operation are 11-6 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; Friday 10-1. Our number remains the same: 905-727-2929.

Mind, Body & Spirit

Join Anita at the beautiful Loretto Maryholme on Tuesday Sept. 17th from 5-9 PM for a conversation exploring how body and spirit are essential for healthy living. Organic Spirituality: Coming To Our Senses is $25 and includes dinner. Register at http://

Mind, Body & Spirit

A lot has been said in recent years about the connection between our thoughts and our health. Each of us has had the experience of thinking about a stressful event and feeling our heart beat faster, our palms start to sweat and noticing our breath getting faster. This is a perfect example of how closely link the mind and body are.

Less has been said in main stream research about how body and spirit relate, and yet we instincitvely know that the triad of mind, body and spirit are essential to wholehearted living. Without a physical container (our body), it is very difficult to exerience a connection to spirit. We need our five senses to appreciate the wonder of a sunset, the beauty of music and the many other blissful experiences that bring us closer to a sense of wonderment. In those moments we feel connected to something greater than ourselves. These experiences may include religion but are universal enough to transcend any fixed culture or religious afflitaion – they are part of our humanity.

So how do we return to our senses? How do we deepen our connection to spirit and ensure that we a enjoying the balance of health embodied by the triad of mind, body and spirit? It begins with paying attention to the sensory information in our bodies. We are often too busy to notice the many signs and clues that our body provides and it is not until something physical breaks down that we finally pay attention. I observe this in my physiotherapy practice daily. The signs of impending injury were often there for a long time before a client is finally forced to slow down and respond.

True health and wholeness is a refelection of the health of the mind, the body and the spirit. If you would like to disover more about how mind and spirit are linked, I will be teaching an evening workshop at Loretto Maryholme on September 17 called Organic Spirituality : Coming To Our Senses. Cost is $25 for dinner and an evening spent exploring this topic on the beautiful screened porch overlooking Lake Simcoe. To register contact Lorretto Maryholme directly.



Gardening Season

The warm weather this week surely means Spring is finally here. It seems like it’s been an exceptionally long winter this year. Between this welcome change in temperature and the Victoria Day long weekend approaching, I figure there will be many garden lovers playing in the dirt over the coming weeks. Here at the clinic, I typically see an increase in clients suffering from low back pain and hamstring strains at this time of year so I thought I’d share a couple of links  here and here to help you garden more comfortably, and should you need some extra help – I’d be glad to see you!


Soul Process Acupressure

Last week I attended a workshop in Process Acupressure and was once again astonished by how intricately our physical body, emotional state and past experiences are interwoven. Since beginning my discoveries with WEL-Systems Institute in 2001 and becoming certified as a CODE Model Coach, I have approached my work as a Physiotherapist with an appreciation of the mind-body connection. Process Acupressure has taught me more about how to assist the body through physical touch to tap into its wisdom for healing and re-balancing. It has also provided me with a deeper understanding of acupuncture and the meridian system in the body.

The process is gentle, supportive and deeply relaxing. Every time I received a session during the workshop I felt renewed! It is delivered through a series of light touches at specific points. As the recipient, you remain fully clothed. You are invited to participate in the process either by setting an intention at the beginning and through supportive dialogue – only if you wish. It is a wonderful tool for relaxation, feeling restored and managing chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

Check out our Facebook page for a chance to receive a free trial session. For more information about Process Acupressure, visit Soul Lightening .